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After retiring from the corporate construction industry and having been a General Contractor, I segued into "Mr. Fix-it" / Handyman Services. At the end of that era, my home became my world. No longer was I out-n-about snapping street scenes. living in a vintage 1840's house even with its required maintenance my need for tactile gratification was not fulfilled. Ergo: the "Boxed Tableaux" and the Homage to Immigration installation.

Found materials that have been collected over a lifetime of dumpster-diving and recycling other folks' garbage literally came into play. The end results produced from these assemblages are put together as social commentary and give me a pleasant sense of gratification of working-with-my-hands and imagination. Photographic images of mine are another element I use in these projects. A friend once said to me that I'm a boy playing in my basement with his toys ... no argument there!

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